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Impactrum has dedicated the last 38 years solely to LED development and design. As a leading worldwide LED display technology company we have developed industry firsts and have enabled many of our clients to shape their products and bring their technology dreams to reality.


As we develop and grow, we will continue to support our client’s technology development needs, while releasing our own new product designs directly to the worldwide market.


We Make The Difference


The Impactrum R&D Center signifies the company, and has enabled Impactrum to pioneer the first full color LED display in the world, and to this day still secures the company’s position as a global leader in LED technology for the past 37 years. Our technology development is ongoing and our mission is to continuously innovate better displays and always be elevating our technology offering.

The First Full Color LED Display Developer

Developed the world’s first full color LED display in 1995.  Completely changing the entire existing led industry paradigm from black and white to color displays.

The First Outdoor Color Transparent Film Developer

Impactrum developed the worlds first Outdoor Color Transparent Film.  Once again leading the LED industry technologies. 

The First Developer to Incorporate Hinge Design For Portability

Impactrum designed the first hinged LED displays and electronic whiteboards to maximize portability.



Yang ju City, South Korea

36,744 ㎡ 

Manufacturing Floor Total Gross Square Meters

  • First LED Clean Room Process

  • First LED Manufacturing Vibration Test Application

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