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Ultra Calibration

LED Diode Color / Brightness Correction Technology

LED's non-uniformity is found not only within new LED's but also occurs in the field based on the LED's application and usage. This significant variation in brightness between the brightest and dimmest LED can regularly approach between 20 - 25%. The end result is a degraded image quality,color and  brightness


Impactrum’s proprietary technology solved the problem by applying an individual luminance correction techniques to each device.

Patent 10037299990000

Perfect Adjustment 

Regardless of the manufacturers standardization and implementation, the standard LED (Diode) can still have irregular brightness and color purity. By correcting the color purity and uniformity of the brightness, Impactrum is able to maintain the “white balance” of the overall images. This technology is important when it comes to replacing existing modules (as a new replacement module may still have different brightness and color purity) with new module units, while maintaining the uniformity of the color purity.

The Result of Industry Leading Calibration 


25% Variations

Calibrated +/- 3%

Brightness Correction Result

CIE Color Space Correction Result



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