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Standio Fold Q

Standio Fold Q is a portable, foldable slim stylish panel design to maximize versatility. Made from die-cast aluminum to decrease weight and maximize a secure, flat stable display. Versatile display options to create the perfect message display for any environment.


Enhance your Customers Visual Experience

Standio Q transforms ordinary spaces to amazing messaging environments by displaying your bright, high resolution content anytime or place.

Superior Contrast Ratio and True Color Reproduction

The Standio Fold Q utilizes our latest innovative processing which delivers superior contrast ensuring bright clear, deep images. Additionally, the processing ensures the entire spectral range is exploited which results in accurate color reproduction to ensure your content is appreciated with the highest resolution, optimal contrast, brightness and true color.


Versatile Design

Standio Fold Q incorporates a slim modern simple design perfect to promote your message for many retail locations such as fine shops, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants or entertainment environment.


Folding Design

Standio Fold Q offers an innovative hinge design which makes this model the most portable as well as most versatile display in its class. The Q can be used in either its folded or its upright configuration to best deliver content in the most flexible configuration.


Create a Perfect 16:9 Display by Connecting 7 Units

When connected, the Standio Q easily expands to a 193” perfect 16:9 big screen and allows for the use of existing marketing content. The rugged lightweight aluminum frame and locking system results in a stable flat high resolution screen with no gaps.

Unique All Aluminum Die-casting Panel

Aluminum die-casting products offer superior heat dissipation they are light weight and corrosion proof. Coupled with the Q product design and components the Standio offers many years of trouble free use.

Secure and Easy to Use Locking Mechanism

This Standio series utilizes a precision locking system which offers an easy to set up, truly flat and stable display.


Simple Board™ offering Board Reliability and Stability

All in One Board Image 1.png

Simple Board™ results in longer service life with a 70% increase in hardware stability by reducing the number of components and connections onto a single unique “Simple Board” design.

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