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Standio Board FX

Maximum Capability and Portability

Standio Board FX is a 110" inch display designed to fold for easy portability and storage.

(Folds to a size of 4' x 5.6').


No disassembly required for easy transportation.


110" large display perfect for workgroups between 10-30 people

The 110" screen is 2.4 m wide and offering a fully capable collaborative board and maximized portable at a competitive value unrealized by today's LCD technology.



All in One Board Image 1.png

Simple Board™ results in longer service life with a 70% increase in hardware stability by reducing the number of components and connections onto a single unique 'Simple Board' design.

Standio Board FX 9m.jpg

Transforms to a small easily portable or stored display  4’ x 5.6’  (1220mm x 1710mm).

The Standio Board VX incorporates our newest modular aluminum panel design, resulting in a thin, sleek lightweight panel and bezel design to maximize the viewing surface.

Standio FX Pop out.jpg

Easy front panel pop off and pop in connection / wire free maintenance design.

16 : 9  large one piece

border free displays.

Standio Board FX 5c.png

Height adjustable folding screen

The unique panel hinge design and adjustable height make the Standio FX the most portable easy to deploy and set up display available today.

Adjustable Height 

Min. 1710 mm  ( 5.6 ' )

Max., 2210 mm  ( 7 ' 3 " )

Standio Board FX 2cx.png
SB FX Remote.jpg

- Brightness

- Input Source

- Menu

- Standby

- Media File Control

Standio Board products come with

a multi-functional remote control

for ease of use.

Wireless Mirroring

SBFX Phone a.png

Supports Multiple Devices, such as smart phones, tablets and PCs by wireless mirroring. Connect up to 4 devices at the same time with screen split functionality.

SB FX Board a12.png
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