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Air Clear Film 

4000 nit max brightness 

fine pixel pitch

light weight

IP 65 waterproofing

low installation cost

easy installation 

The first outdoor color fine pitch technology in the world

Impactrum’s air clear film incorporates patents and technologies which are multiple steps ahead of current industry standards. These patents and technological achievements result in the industries:

  • Brightest images

  • Smallest pixel pitch and highest resolution

  • Outdoor durability

  • Quick, easy and safe installation

  • Competitive pricing

Air Clear Film 2.jpg

Flexibile & Extremely Light Weight 

Extreme light weight for easy and safe installation

Standard LED display boards generally weigh 10.24 lbs/sq ft  (50kg/sqm).  When we add the frame, the total weight drastically increases, which leads to a much higher installation cost due to an increased degree of installation difficulty and safety considerations.  Furthermore, the installation may even be impossible or unsafe if the structural  characteristics cannot support the total load.   

The Air Film product only weighs 0.41lb/sq ft (2kg/sqm) inclusive of the simple connector. 

Impactrum has removed 98% of the weight which results in a Air Frame product that is 50 times lighter.

Air Clear Film Brightness.png

The brightness of the current LED film technology  is around 1,000 nit as of late 2019. This inherent brightness problem limits the use of film products during daylight hours, limits the color content and messaging.


Air Clear Film incorporates advanced technologies including design, electrodes, materials, and much more to drastically raise the industry bar for brightness, resolution and color. 


The unprecedented 4,000 nit is unique in the marketplace. To put this in perspective,  the brightest 4K TV available in late 2019 is 2,000 nit.  Impactrums Air Clear Film is the brightest LED film in the world.

World’s Brightest Film


Technological Capability To Utilize the 2020 Chip

The use of the 2020 LED Chips across LED film has never before been realized.  With our unique and patented technological advancements  this has become a reality. 

All other products use the 3535 LED Chips. Even if our competitors use the 2020 Chip, the application is limited to products larger than p25mm. Air Clear Film utilizes the 2020 Chip in all of our LED film products.

p8.3 standard


transparency area rate

p10.4 standard


transparency area rate

Air Clear Film 2020 Transparency 1.jpg

SMD 2020 LED

SMD 3535 LED

* The stark difference of external appearance seen through the LED film.







image clarity 



power consumption 



Transparency, the purpose of the LED film

The beauty of LED film imaging is the perfect harmony between the background image behind the film and the designed graphics on the film.


Air Clear Film incorporates a unique electrode technology and highly advanced connectors in combination with the 2121 chip. The result is a unique area transparency rate of over 90%.

The electrodes of the Air Clear Film are printed with a thickness of 100 micrometers (µm), maximizing transparency , resolution and brightness.

Air Clear Film Micro Wires.jpg

Air Clear Film

Anti Back-Glare™ design technology - the only film without backlight leakage.

Air Clear Film blocks 80% of the light leaking to the side and back, showing only the LED without any visual irritation from the inside.

Light Leak 1.png

LED Light 

Light Leakage


Air Clear Film Back Light Leak 2.jpg


Regular LED chips cause light leakage to the sides and back of the LED, causing visual disturbance to the person behind the product where the image should not be visible.

Light Leak 2.png

LED Light 


Air Clear Film Back Light.jpg

Air Clear Film

Anti Back-Glare™ technology blocks 80% of the light leaking to the side and back, showing only the LED without any visual irritation from the inside.

The Only LED Film In The World Manufactured For Outdoor Use




IP65 Waterproof, dustproof

Air clear film is completely protected

from moisture and dust.

Protected from heat and ultraviolet rays

Air Clear Film has a special heat and UV protection process to extend its service life as well as prevent yellowing (fading) of the LEDs and film.

Air Clear Film IP65.png
Air Clear Cut 1.jpg

Air Clear Film is designed to be cut in all directions, making it easy to customize to the desired size at the installation site.

Easy To Customize Size At The Installation Site

Custom tailoring in any size and direction.

Air Clear Film can be tailored in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Air Clear Cut 2.png

Current technology in the LED Film market limit the pixel pitch to between 25 - 30mm.  Additional limitations exist with brightness which results in limited outdoor use, limited graphics and limited color options.  

Air Clear Film has created a massive technology gap with our industry exclusive 8.32 mm Pixel Pitch LED film.  Utilizing exclusive technologies our micro LED high resolution  film allows for bright, complex dynamic graphics to be used indoors or outdoors during daytime hours.

Small 8.32 mm pixel pitch.

ACF Elevator 1.jpg


ACF Elevator 2.jpg

Air Clear Film

Advanced Material With High Conductivity Resulting In Longer Film Strips

The challenge:   The longer and wider a film sheet is the higher the number of LEDs the control unit must control and  drive sufficient electric current to maintain a consistent power and white balance.


Solution:  Air Clear Film technology allows for the use of advanced material engineering developed to carry very thin and sufficient electric current to drive the power demands of brighter, longer  /  wider film sheets.


the worlds longest LED film (*p20 standard)

Competitor films are short in length requiring multiple frames to install the connectors.  The more connectors, the poorer the screen resolution and the higher the installation costs are.

Air Clear Film Strip 2.png



Air Clear Film has the longest length film available. The Air Film sheets can easily be cut down to the appropriate shape and size.


Air Clear Film Strip 1.png





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