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Premium panel design
incorporating an industry unique  feature set 

Front Panel 1am.png

The Thinnest 'Fixed Die-Casting' Panel in the world

The thinner, the higher the quality

Screen flatness after installation is a big determining factor of quality.  The thinner and lighter

the panel, the easier it is to install.

Outstanding aesthetics.

Mercury offers a beautiful, thin panel designed to increase the design value of the space.


50 mm

Panel thickness


14.3 lbs  6.5 kg

Weight of 1 panel (including module)

Light Weight 

Seperate panel and module case installation 

The panel and module can be installed separately to aid in the installation process. 


8 Lock System 

Pefectly flat panel 

8 sidelocks, 2 on each of the 4 sides creating a flat and very strong precision assembly. 

Ultra precision die cast aluminum panel 

Clean Exterior With Proctected Cables 

Internally connected cable design 

Unique cable design allowing for a reduced failure rate by allowing the cables to be protected inside the case. 



Optimized to ensure a flat easy installation  


Power Savings  

Low power consumption technology DPS 

Mercury's DPS (Dynamic Power Saving) does more than simply lowering power consumption. Buy using an intelligent power control technology, Mercury's basic power is controlled according to the system performance needs utilizing effective gray scale and ultra low black screen standby power.

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